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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Farm With A Name

2012 is starting off as a total rush. After months of looking at properties where we could build a winery that was near our vineyard, and after several false starts, we finally came upon a farm that answers nearly every want and desire for a new winery location. Just a short crow's flight from our vineyard, our new winery location will be at the White Oak Farm. As you drive up the long magnolia - lined driveway you look at a beautiful 1890's Victorian mansion that has been fully restored.  It nestles on a 40 acre plot of prime farmland where we will start expanding our vineyard this Spring by planting Gamays and Scuppernongs, irrigated by a spring fed pond centered between two fields; the back one being the home of prize angus beef cattle.

But there is more to this than just a house. There is a age old cedar planked barn with a full loft which we will convert to our tasting and gathering room, and an adjacent metal structure which used to be a helicopter hanger but will now be our state of the art winery and a lab for Diane.

Our architect is coming in this morning to review the property to start making design decisions so we can get the winery up and running in time for our Spring bottling and 2012 Fall harvest. We won't be open to the public for about a year after that. Though the buildings are there, there is so much to do in regards to basic internal restructuring. Electrical work, plumbing, you name it and it probably needs to get done.

And then the planning of the vineyard, getting the posts up, wiring for the drip lines, planting a couple thousand vines etc. Anyone who has been reading my blogs is familiar with the drill.

There is alot of history to this farm and house, and as we dig it up we'll share it on the blog. For a house to have a name, it must have stories to tell.

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